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Candidate Elections


ACE AFT 6554 Executive Board Elections Start Today! We are excited to announce that voting for your new ACE AFT 6554 Executive Board starts today. Election materials have been distributed to all faculty mailboxes.  If you have not received election materials: ...

Associate Faculty, filing for Unemployment Benefits

By Jory Segal, 05.04.15

Associate faculty may file for unemployment during summer and winter breaks, if they are not otherwise employed.  The right to collect unemployment is based on an Appellate Court Decision, Cervisis et al vs. Unemployment Insurance Board.  Because Associate...

ACE/AFT 6554 elections


 ACE, AFT 6554 Officer Elections Dear Sisters and Brothers--this email serves as a Call for Nominations and Notification of Election Procedures for the initial election of officers under the new Constitution of ACE, AFT 6554. Timeline: 4/30   Call for Nominations...

Results of Constitution Vote


Faculty voted overwhelmingly for the new ACE/AFT 6554 Constitution.  24O yes, 9 no, 13 improperly submitted ballots.

A Tale of Two Professors

By Ian Duckles, 04.27.15

"My doppelgänger’s rise to fame and fortune as a community college professor." Click on the link to view the story of 2 professors, one full-time and one adjunct. http://aceunion.org//documents/pdf_other/SD_SJC_Presentation...

President's Comments

Wednesday, November 12, 2014

ACE PHONE # 408 855 5048

The ACE phone number has been activated.  The new ACE office at West Valley is office P in the...

Meetings & Minutes


Monday, February 9 - 3:22pm

Associate Faculty Insurance Reimbursement

Application deadline: April 3, 2015, fax to:408 867-9059
Proof of Payment Due: the first week of May.
Contact Tracey Frizzell in HR, 741-2168, for information OR paste the link below into your browser:



Monday, February 2 - 7:20pm

ACE Spring 2015 Meetings

ACE, AFT 6554, will be meeting on the first and third Thursdays of the month from 3:30 to 5:30pm.  The next meeting will be at WV in FOX 102 on May 7, 2015.