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Needed:  Negotiators and Bargaining Committee Members


Interested in negotiating a better contract? Ever wondered how negotiations worked?   The ACE Executive Board is calling for faculty who are interested in being part of the negotiating team or the bargaining committee. The negotiating team conducts the...

Steward Constituencies


The 24 constituencies for the Local 6554 Steward Council were approved by the Executive Board at its 7/10/15 meeting.  These groupings, 12 from each college, are an initial attempt to reasonably satisfy the new constitution.   Because ACE currently does not have 100% accurate...

Health Care Benefits: Tiered vs.Composite Rates

By Randy Castello, 04.27.15

Click on the link to view the Comparison between Tiered and Composite Rates for Blue Shield and Kaiser: http://aceunion.org//documents/pdf_other/FacultyBenefitData.pdf

A short primer on Tentative Agreements


The negotiations team may sign tentative agreements with the District.  These tentative agreements are then taken together to faculty for a ratification vote—so even though there may be a tentative agreement, the entire faculty must still vote...

President's Comments

Saturday, July 25, 2015

Presidental Report 7/24/15

Dear Colleagues, It’s been a very busy month for your Executive Board. It’s been so busy,...

Wednesday, November 12, 2014

ACE PHONE (408 ) 855-5048

At West Valley College, an ACE office is located in office P in the Business Division.  There is no...

Meetings & Minutes


Monday, February 9 - 3:22pm

Associate Faculty Insurance Reimbursement

Application deadline: April 3, 2015, fax to:408 867-9059
Proof of Payment Due: the first week of May.
Contact Tracey Frizzell in HR, 741-2168, for information OR paste the link below into your browser: